MUAY THAY GYM RULES everyone should follow

Gym etiquette: It’s an underrated art. Let’s make it a happier place for everyone by simply following these rules


  1. Start each training with warm up (10-15 minutes)
  2. End each training with stretching


  1. Try use your own handwraps for hygiene and wash them every day
  2. Wash and sanitize your mouthguard after each training
  3. Sanitize other equipment as gloves and shinguards
  4. Cut your nails and toenails before training for avoid hurt your sparring and clinching partner
  5. Tie your hair back if its long
  6. Wash your hands again before clinching


  1. Greet each others
  2. Show respect to others and your trainers
  3. Listen and follow your trainer
  4. Help beginners
  5. Please avoid making jokes about weight, religion, sex orientation
  6. Don’t be too loud
  7. Don’t distract others during rounds


  1. Try use your own handwraps for hygiene
  2. You are allowed to use gear but put it back where it belongs
  3. For Muay Thai no shoes on the matt (Western Boxing is an exception)
  4. Wear smaller gloves for bag work and pad work (8-12 oz) and bigger gloves for sparring (14-18 oz)


  1. Spar less than 100%
  2. Try to show technical sparring than powerful
  3. Respect your partners and be mindful to their reaction
  4. Wear mouthguards and shinpads while sparring
  5. Wear bigger gloves for sparring (14-18 oz)

We hope these rules will help you navigate in any Muay Thai gyms. Happy training!