Show your support and help by donating to Muay Thai gyms and its community!

Show your support and help by donating to Muay Thai gyms and its community! post thumbnail image

If you have always been looking for an opportunity to make your contribution for your favorite Muay Thai fighters, Muay Thai gyms that need support, this is your opportunity to help!

From Muay Thai Academy MTA we launched a new feature to donate and help our trainers and fighters to have an extra support during these turbulent times.

You can support individual fighters and/or trainers by giving financial help in COVID times when fighters are not able to fight and survive and trainers are not able to work and provide for their families:

Support Sueblack

Kru Sueblack is a young fighter and a brilliant coach who has been always sharing his knowledge with an open heart and a smile on his face. He is going to be father in the nearest future and strongly needs our help.

Support Kru Sueablack

Support Marie Ruumet

Marie Ruumet is a young fighter with a brilliant future: In her career, she has over 40 fights. Everyone would agree that her personality is outstanding, her skills are impressive and in the same time, she would never miss a chance to help others. This your chance to support Marie to continue training for her next fights

Support Kru Pi Lek

Kru Pi Lek has been with Muay Thai Academy since the beginning and he has been always sharing his best techniques and knowledge with students and fighters. Kru Pi Lek is 61 years old now, and in Thailand, there is not such a privilege as pension.

If you ever trained with Kru Pi lek you would never forget the experience he shared with you. Now you can support him!

Support Muay Thai Gyms

If you are not sure to whom to support but want to make your contribution to children and gyms in poorest regions of Thailand you can donate to gyms.

Among them, we include Wor. Watthana gym (a gym orphanage in Isaan, Thailand), the gyms that they sponsor in the region and other gyms in Thai provinces

From our side we can send them

Financial help for

•             Wages for trainers

•             Housing for the children.

•             Doctors’ visits and medical expenses.

•             Food and nutritional supplements.

•             School supplies including uniforms and school fees.

•             Clothing and running shoes.

•             Gym equipment and supplies such as ice, boxing liniment, tape, and gauze.

From all our team we express our gratitude for your help – you are changing lives!

You can also show support by sharing this article on social networks and spread the word!

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