Why to learn Muay Thai online?

Why to learn Muay Thai online? post thumbnail image

During these times of pandemic where all the gyms are closed and social distancing is mandatory, some of us still would like to continue improving our physique and Muay Thai skills.

This class is also suitable for people that would like to work with professional Thai trainers but are not able to travel to Thailand. That’s why Muay Thai Academy is now offering online no-contact Muay Thai training.

A lot of people might be wondering that how is it possible to train Muay Thai from your home, because usually the training requires partners, boxing bags, pads and other equipment. So of course it wont be the same experience as actually going to the gym. But we have designed a program to give our students the best training possible.

In our online course you are able to focus more on the technical side of the sport. Our experienced trainers can elevate your skills by carefully looking at your current form and help you make improvements. This is also a perfect time to add some new techniques and combinations into your muscle memory.

Our trainers can go into great details about each technique for you to get a better understanding of how and when to use it. So when the gyms do finally open up, you will have an upper hand compared to the people who had no coaching during the lockdowns!
This course is not only a technique based class. This is still a workout and we have also incorporated some physicals exercises that will definitely get your heart rate up! That gives you an opportunity to still keep fit from the comfort of your own home.

No matter the skill level, we at Muay Thai Academy believe that everyone can learn something new from our online classes and have a good time training Muay thai. Training with a coach online is better than training completely alone.

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Written by Marie Ruumet

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